The Talbot Teen Centre is a free, fun, safe inclusive and supportive resource and drop-in space for all youth aged 12 to 19 years of age in Elgin County. The TTC provides age appropriate programming for youth by youth recreation, leadership, arts and culture, education, prevention and awareness, and volunteering in an accessible environment. The TTC provides youth with opportunity to express themselves, as well as connect and become involved within their community and its resources. The Talbot Teen Centre supports youth in reaching their potential in becoming active and responsible participants in our community. To help achieve that we are partners with a number of key organizations throughout St. Thomas and Elgin such as the YWCA, CMHA, F&CS, Public Health and TVDSB to name a few. As a branch of local organization Employment Services Elgin, The TTC also provides youth with job promotion, resume building and will help youth in booking appointments with a job counsellor to assist them in their job search. In the centre you will also find a job board which has current jobs available in the city of St. Thomas. Youth at the Talbot Teen Centre have the opportunity daily to meet other youth who share the same and possibly new interests without having a fear of judgement or dismissal. With staff in the building at all times youth have an adult to support them and advocate for them when needed or to be an ear for the youth as a support and listen to them. The TTC is open throughout the work week from 230 and on, and offers a variety of programs such as healthy cooking, art club, game time, and many life skills activities on different nights.

For example our Healthy cooking program on Wednesdays promotes healthy eating and cooking on a budget as well as the importance of eating a balanced meal.Our recreational programs assist youth in promoting a healthy lifestyle and the values of being active. Lastly our therapeutic art program provides youth with a creative outlet to express themselves. The centre also consists of lots of free time for youth to do as they please throughout the centre. At all times we have computers, snacks, a gym, art supplies, board games and many more things available, there is never a dull moment in the centre. Two staff collaborate daily with each other and with youth to create many new programs which youth are interested in and which revolve around areas in their lives which need improvement. The TTC also provides general counselling for youth which is offered by qualified staff members in a quiet and confidential area. Staff are also in the building to provide supervision of all youth and to help youth resolve any conflicts or issues if they arise. Youth in Elgin County are also often faced with stressful situations such as homelessness, mental health issues and family or relationship issues. The Talbot Teen Centre and their staff will also assist youth with finding living arrangements, financial support and mental wellness promotion on a daily basis and when needed.