Some of the most asked questions & everything you need to know about the TTC!

How much does it cost to come to the Talbot Teen Centre?

Nothing! All TTC programs and activities are free to anyone 12 to 18 of age.

Does that mean that I can't come in when I turn 19?

You can always stay connected to the Talbot Teen CentreĀ as you are welcome to come in for 30 minutes, one day a week.

I don't know anybody at the Talbot Teen Centre, how will I make friends there?

The TTC is a great place to meet new friends. Speak with one of our friendly staff, they’ll give you a tour of the centre and introduce you to some of our youth leaders.

Who can I talk to for support?

Our staff are here to help – confidentially and free of judgement. Professional and resourceful, we’ll help you connect with other support services in the area.

Want to set some goals? Make a game plan? Let’s put our heads together and get to it!

Can I volunteer at the Talbot Teen Centre?

Yes! Talk to any staff member to find out how you can volunteer with our many fundraiser events.

I want to help people in my community. Can the TTC help me to help others?

We’re glad you asked! Learn about the organizations working for the people in your community. Plan and deliver cool and unique fundraiser ideas to support the issues that are important to you.