Art Club

Let your inner artist out for the weekend! We offer a casual, no pressure environment where you can experiment with paints, charcoals, clay sculpting and more.

Coaches Corner

Hit the gym and learn a new skill, technique or exercise.  Realize what it takes to be a leader, a team player and an all-around good sport. Coaches Corner will help you be the athlete you want to be!

Drop in Counselling

Come in and talk to our certified Child and Youth Workers about anything on your mind.

No judgement, totally confidential.

We can help you organize your thoughts, develop coping strategies, connect with community resources and provide a shoulder to lean on.

Eat Smart

Learn to cook healthy and delicious meals for yourself using easy to follow recipes and real ingredients.  Face off against your friends to see who can make the best dessert.

Game Time

Would you like to play a game? Join us on Thursdays for some old school fun including Bingo, Trivia, Charades, Win Lose or Draw and more.

Get Crafty

Fun and easy craft projects to bring out your creative side.  Have you ever Tie-Dyed a shirt with a Sharpie and some elastics?  Made jewelry from leftover craft supplies?  You will enjoy making these different crafts every week.

Homework Club

Offering homework assistance, computer usage, on-call tutoring, school supplies and high school/preparation.

Minute 2 Win It

Calling all Minute 2 Win It Fans fans!!!

Test your skills and use team work and determination to challenge your peers in different activities each week.

Movie Night

Come in Friday Nights to kick back and watch a movie (rated pg 13 and under of course) and enjoy some popcorn to finish off your week!


Hit the gym for some fun, team based, friendly competition. Games include basketball, floor hockey, dodge ball and more. It’s not about winning, it’s about being active and having fun!

Table Talk

Join us around the table for a tasty meal and some great discussion. Decide what your success story will look like and how you will get there.  Set your goals and let us help you meet them. There’s no time like the present to start on your path to greatness!

Talk About It

We bring up topics that, you, the youth want to discuss and the staff give you facts and knowledge about issues you are wanting to hear about.

We share this information by having a group discussion or by doing group activities.

Tech Free Thursday

Come in and enjoy some time off from electronics and screens. Join us in doing fun activities away from technology.